NC High School All State Chorus
May 1-2, 2015

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Auditions occur in early November.  Sign up on the door to the Little Theater beginning October 14th.

SCHS auditions and sends our top select students according to allotment.  Students may participate in one of the following choirs:

9-10th Grade SATB/Mixed Choir

11-12th Grade SATB/Mixed Choir

SSA/Women's Choir

TTB/Men's Choir (new!)

Those auditioning must be willing to make the following commitments: 1) To invest the appropriate amount of time and rehearse their music both with and without Ms. Jennings; 2) Attend a regional Zone Rehearsal (required by NCMEA).  This traditionally is scheduled for one evening in January, 5-8pm at Western Carolina University; 3) Attend all rehearsals and the public performance during the weekend event in May in Raleigh.  Transportation and lodging is provided as a school group.

Being selected to participate in the NC High School All State Choir is the highest individual school-level honor available at Swain High School.  Participants receive a patch at our Spring Concert & Awards Ceremony.

Students interested in auditioning for the 2015 NC High School All State Chorus should sign up with Ms. Jennings.  Auditions are held in early November.

All All State Chorus students (including alternates) should have their $30 registration& music fee turned in to Ms. Jennings before leaving for Thanksgiving.  (Checks can be made out to Swain High Chorus.)  You will receive your music when your money is handed in.

  1. Your first priority (including alternates) should be to download your rehearsal tracks & practice, practice, practice! (Due Dec. 1st)
    •  Go to  Click on the link for All-State Rehearsal Tracks for your appropriate choir.  After you click on the file icon beside the song title, it will bring you to a black screen to play it.  You can right-click anywhere on the black screen and select "Save As" to save the recording on your computer as an mp3 file.  
    • Create a CD to rehearse on your own with.  Your CD is due Dec. 1st.
  2. Secondly, I need your forms completed and signed (due to me by Jan. 3rd):
    • 2013 All-State Student Expectations form
    • 2013 All-State Video & Medical Release form
    • 2013 All-State Schedule (I've been informed the Saturday schedule may change slightly.  An updated copy will come in January.)
3. Lastly, schedule time now to rehearse with Ms. Jennings in December:
    • We need a total of 2 hours before the zone rehearsal on January 10th.  
    • I would prefer to meet with both the participant and alternate at the same time.
All music should be learned by January 10th.

 **Participants MUST attend the Zone Rehearsal at Western Carolina University on Thursday, January 10th from 5-8pm.  Please let Ms. Jennings know ASAP if you cannot attend.  *Alternates, you need to keep this day open in case you get to go.  Remember, anything can happen at the last minute!